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Cinematography is the aspect of filmmaking most unique to the medium. The camera has a relation to the spectator as well as what is being filmed; ...
Influential cinematographer Gordon Willis, whose photography for Francis Ford Coppola's “The Godfather” series and Woody Allen's “Annie Hall” and “ ...
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'Solo' Cinematographer Bradford Young Says Lord And Miller's Version Influenced By 'McCabe & Mrs. Miller'
How to Light a Romantic Film Scene - Cinematography & Filmmaking Tutorial 3 - YouTube
As the years progressed into the 1900s, filmmaking became the 20th century art form to beat! Production companies sprung from the ground, new filmmakers ...
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Shane Hurlbut ...
Pater Noster
5 Things Cinematographers Don't Talk About
Single-handedly sending 3D back to the forefront of Hollywood moviemaking, Avatar was a critical and commercial phenomenon that would, if nothing else, ...
Never Surrender
Cinematographer Benjamin Loeb (wearing blue shirt) and director Panos Cosmatos (right) review the onboard monitor for a scene featuring actor Richard Brake ...
Top Gun
Leslie Mann
Ned Gold from 17 Again. The dude has a landspeeder for a bed--how cool is that?
Emmanuel Lubezki on the set of The Revenant
Zac Efron
Michael Slovis – Breaking Bad Season, Episode – Photo Credit: Courtesy of AMC
Cinematography (Screencraft Series) First Printing Edition
As ...
7 Strategies to Shoot Video in Low Light
The eponymous Mandy (Andrea Riseborough) becomes the object of a cult leader's obsession.
James Wong Howe
Writer-director Werner Herzog
Rachel Morrison Mudbound
4 Reasons Filmmakers Attend Film Festivals
The oldest recorded short film dates back to 1888 called, Roundhay Garden Scene.
Director Martin Koolhoven finds lyricism amid squalor in this powerful piece of filmmaking
Hugo Wins Cinematography: 2012 Oscars
Black Panther Mba7020 V008 1028
Your SIC Experience Leveled Up
Janusz Kaminski On The Art Of Cinematography
Film Lights: HMI Par - Cinematography & Filmmaking Tutorial 5
Janusz Kaminski On Working With Steven Spielberg
Cinematographer. vilmos_zsigmond_1978
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Intimate epic
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“On ...
As filmmakers, we owe our passion to the pioneers of film and photography, and then the filmmakers who followed. I believe in looking back in order to ...
On Need for Speed, I ended up turning more lights off than turning them on. We would kill whole banks of street lights to be able to create contrast.
Cinematography for Directors: A Guide for Creative Collaboration: Jacqueline B Frost: 9781932907551: Amazon.com: Books
Bill Pope (I). Cinematographer ...
"A concern for us was, rather than finding a look for each stage of Chiron's life, to make a feature film that wasn't three short stories.
Mandy 4
On the upper half of the poster are the faces of a man and a female
Appreciation: TrailBlazing D.P. Gordon Willis Didn't Suffer Fools Gladly
Keanu Reeves
Warren miller with camera w6rpou
I wanted to find out more about the product, so I got in touch with LiveGrain creator Suny Behar. Behar is a director, cinematographer, consultant and ...
Look Through The Lens: The Cinematography Of Yasujiro Ozu's 'Floating Weeds'
Caught between the handheld grain of a Paul Greengrass Bourne movie or the saturated sheen of a J J Abrams joint, Slumdog Millionaire attempts to express ...
Cinematography for Directors: A Guide for Creative Collaboration: Jacqueline B Frost: 9781932907551: Amazon.com: Books
2009–2014: Other work
I'm not married to film. Digital is fine, too. But I don't have time to learn it all, and with film, I don't need a meter; I know what aperture to use.
Richard ...
Angling in for a close-up on Brake.
To date ...
Emmanuel Lubezki wins a 3rd Oscar in a row…just how important are awards?
... partnerships of recent years has been that between Norwegian filmmaker Joachim Trier and his Sweden-born regular cinematographer Ihre.
Which lenses for your GH1/ GH2/ AF100/ AF101 etc...? | Philip Bloom- Blog
Directed ...
A New Vision
... Rocky & Aura - The Short Story ...
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Andrew Lesnie, Cinematographer for 'The Lord of the Rings' and 'Hobbit' Films, Dies at 59
Joseph Gordon-Levitt attends a screening of Don Jon (2013) at the 57th
MATTHEW PERRY 17 AGAIN (2009) - Stock Image
Avatar Wins Cinematography and Visual Effects: 2010 Oscars
Film Production in Prague
I was very fortunate that Cal Roberts was available for this project. He is a world class focus puller and lots of fun to be around.
The Five C's of Cinematography: Motion Picture Filming Techniques: Joseph V Mascelli: 9781879505414: Amazon.com: Books
How a 17 yr old Shot & Sold her 1st Feature on Super 16mm Film Every once in a while, I g
The only digital shot in the movie - a Sony A7 fitted with a Panavision lens on a "bodycam".
Fede Alvarez
I go back to the hotel room and roll around in the bed, can't sleep. The only thing on the T.V. is Michael Jackson's body bag.
Pan's Labyrinth Wins Cinematography: 2007 Oscars
Amazon.com: Cinematography: Theory and Practice, Second Edition: Image Making for Cinematographers and Directors (Volume 1) (8601300165783): Blain Brown: ...
Ghostbusters' Leslie Jones: 'The US is the most depressed nation in the world and I blame comedians' | Film | The Guardian
Filmmaking For Dummies: Bryan Michael Stoller, Jerry Lewis: 9780470386941: Amazon.com: Books