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I agree If you39re going to comment your opinion you39d better have
But seriously, if you're feeling suicidal, call the national suicide prevention hotline, it can save your life.
Ask Siri Iron Man questions and you will be amazed! Superhero Humor, Things To
I agree. If you're going to comment your opinion you'd better
7 Positive Ways to Pray for Your Middle Schoolers
Director of Digital Strategy & Engagement
A handful of others complained in agreement. Not me.
50 Hilarious Things That Siri Says
How to Get Motivated to Do What's Good for You
French phrases that language learners just don't get
Lock your profile down
10 Times You're Better Off Saying Nothing at All
Consider, switching this setting to limit who can see your profile.
"Everything that you want to be you #already are, and you are…
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It takes more than a T-shirt, mate
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The folks at Apple sure have a good sense of humor.
Funny things to ask Siri - and some silly answers - Features - Macworld UK
What the LA Times says when you click on its site from certain European countries
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First, open the Alexa app on your smart device. Tap the hamburger icon on the top left side of the screen to open the menu options.
You're My Favourite Thing to Do Greeting Cards
Clementine Ford: 'There's something really toxic with the way men bond in Australia' | World news | The Guardian
I'm Thankful For MY Husband
The moment when she knew someone needed to be CALLED OUT:
I asked this to Siri and this was what I got
Siri the intelligent assistant of Apple users nbsp Have you talked to her If you have then you 39 d know what sense of humor she has what range of emotions ...
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I asked Siri if she had a boyfriend and that is what she said. I still can't stop laughing.
happily ever after funny | Siri-isms: Siri Quotes: The funny Siri sayings. See What Siri Says!
welcome to the stanford health policyforum i'm dan kessler i'm a professor in the business andlaw schools here at stanford and a member of the advisory ...
Successful people often shift their perspectives on things.Unsplash / Pixabay
Go siri Random Humor, Random Stuff, Random Things, Girly Things, Funny Moments
I've probably pinned this about a million times but whatever Funny Humor, Funny
DOOMED - from that rainy/shitty wedding day; from a classic muscle car stalling
Then I should probably be in jail..... Sarcastic Quotes, Humorous
Everyone wants to be well-liked and respected, but when you trip over yourself to be nice, you might be doing yourself a disservice.
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If that doesn't sound important to you, then you haven't seen the kind of cheers emoji get on stage or the amount of interest they ...
Good Checklist for quick ideas for Training. From "Designing Learning for a 21st Century
Ask Siri to tell you a bed time story :) this is what she told Elizabeth!
that is excellent
Kevin Hart is an evil genius.
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brakehagev2: “ let's see how big i can get him to go lmao” -
It's important to remember if you want CHANGE in your life then you have to make
I asked Siri to tell me a story, and this is what I got.
24 Ways To Get Siri To Bring Out Her True Sassiness Siri Funny, Funny Jokes
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Thinking this should also go on my Profound board... Funny Quotes, Life
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Improving diets and fighting malnutrition with the LANN+ approach - Healthy Vegan
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The Text Shortcut "K" instead of "Okay" - Brutally Honest Text-Message Auto-Replies That Would Significantly Improve Your Life
The best way to do this is to scatter it throughout your site. If you use case studies or video testimonials, find a way to tuck them in there, ...
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Click to agree with what? No one reads terms of service, studies confirm | Technology | The Guardian
Think you're ready?
40 Funny Memes And Tweets That'll Get You Ready For The Weekend
Oh how the tables have turned - dentist blood donor
Why you should stop measuring your BMI to find out if you're healthy
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"The best brands handle it with tact; the ones that don't end up on the 'companies that botched it' lists at the end of the year. If you can't comment on a ...
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My deep dive into one of the largest dark web hacking forums | Dylan Curran | Opinion | The Guardian
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Declutter your friends: 'Trying to keep old friendships alive ties you to the past'
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Most smartphones will run the basic games. Photograph: Istock
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Taking a break from a relationship isn't as simple as spending time apart.
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Nobody likes being told that they suck, but that's how most of us feel when we receive criticism. However, not all of us deal with criticism the same way.
Happy Thoughts: Here Are the Things Proven To Make You Happier
Stress is a nasty beast all of its own, but when sex is involved,
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