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In an exclusive interview with NBC News39 Kate Snow Julie Swetnick
Kavanaugh Accuser Julie Swetnick Sits Down With NBC News | Hollywood Reporter
NBC News Exclusive: Julie Swetnick speaks about alleged behavior by Judge Kavanaugh
Kavanaugh accuser Julie Swetnick alleges he was 'very aggressive,' but her latest interview raises new questions
'A lying slip-and-fall con artist' – Kavanaugh accuser savaged for. Julie Swetnick ...
Kate Snow
WATCH: Kavanaugh Accuser Julie Swetnick Backtracks on Some Claims in Extensive NBC News Interview
Julie Swetnick: Brett Kavanaugh Was A 'Very Mean Drunk'
Julie Swetnick (via YouTube/MSNBC). In preparing for an interview ...
NBC Airs Interview With Julie Swetnick Without Corroborating Her Story
Brett Kavanaugh Accuser Julie Swetnick Interviewed By NBC News | Deadline
Julie Swetnick is the third woman to accuse Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct. Twitter
Julie Swetnick sat down with Kate Snow in what everyone thought would be a bombshell interview. Instead, Swetnick, who is represented by Michael Avenatti, ...
Kavanaugh accuser Julie Swetnick CHANGES her STORY in MSNBC interview!!
Graham Blasts NBC for Julie Swetnick Interview, Coverage of Kavanaugh Allegations | Fox News Insider
Benson: Kavanaugh Accuser Swetnick 'Totally Changed Her Story' in MSNBC Interview | Fox News Insider
Julie Swetnick, one of the women who has publicly accused Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct, has opened up about her alleged history with the Supreme ...
NBC Faces Scrutiny for Interview with Kavanaugh Accuser
Kate SnowVerified account @tvkatesnow. Excerpts of my interview with Kavanaugh accuser Julie Swetnick ...
Julie Swetnick: I Saw Kavanaugh 'Get a Little Too Handsy' with Girls
NBC's Kate Snow: Info Clearing Kavanaugh Wasn't 'Newsworthy' Before Confirmation
For Weeks, NBC News Sat On Story That Undercut Michael Avenatti, Julie Swetnick | The Daily Caller
Who Is Julie Swetnick, New Kavanaugh Accuser With Jewish Roots?
Click For Photo: https://legalinsurrection.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/ Julie-Swetnick-NBC-Interview-e1538441773282.jpg
NBC's Kate Snow: Here's why we didn't publish that story on Avenatti's 2nd witness until now
Kate Snow
Demonstrators protest Brett Kavanaugh in front of the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C., September 24, 2018. (Joshua Roberts/Reuters)
Ap Supreme Court Kavanaugh A. This undated photo of Julie Swetnick ...
Photo: Getty Images. An Kavanaugh accuser Julie Swetnick, backtracks on some claims in a NBC interview with Kate Snow.
... at her gang rape, spoke with NBC New's Kate Snow yesterday after reports surfaced that she would be excluded from the week-long FBI probe.
BREAKING: Creepy Porn Lawyer's Client Julie Swetnick Backtracks on Some Claims Against Brett Kavanaugh
Swetnick Julie Swetnick
Win McNamee/Pool/ZUMA Press/NewscomJulie Swetnick ...
BREAKING: Michael Avenatti and Julie Swetnik Referred for Criminal Prosecution Over Bogus Kavanaugh Claims
Julie Swetnick Changes Story, Backs Off 'Gang Rape' Claims, Now Says “I cannot specifically say..."
Megyn Kelly accused of victim-shaming Kavanaugh accuser Julie Swetnick [Video]
Weeks after the fact, an NBC report further muddles the Kavanaugh saga - The Washington Post
NBC Airs Interview With Julie Swetnick Without Corroborating Her Story
Julie Swetnick: If 'Kavanaugh Is Going to Have that Seat Legitimately,' My
Megyn Kelly to Avenatti: Time to put up or shut up on Julie Swetnick
From what we know about flimflam mam Julie Swetnick, is there a doubt that if offered the right deal, she would flip on Avenatti as to allegedly perjurious ...
Weeks after the fact, an NBC report further muddles the Kavanaugh saga - The Washington Post
Julie Swetnick (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/YouTube)
Third Kavanaugh accuser Julie Swetnick just validated claims that she should be criminally prosecuted for lying in her initial sworn account alleging that ...
In a late-evening publication of NBC News Investigations, journalists Kate Snow and Anna Schecter outline the contradictions between Creepy Porn Lawyer and ...
Why the heck is NBC News running this story if there is no there there?!?! Because there is no there there. https://t.co/kKsUf7ZuWS
Megyn Kelly accused of victim shaming after saying believing every woman is 'absurd' [Video]
Sen. John Kennedy: 'Put Down the Bong' if You Think Kavanaugh Probe is 'About the Truth'
Breaking911 on Twitter: "NBC Reporter Kate Snow: Kavanaugh Accuser Julie Swetnick “Told Us [Things] On Camera That Differ From Her Written Statement” ...
Graham: NBC Has Been A 'Co-Conspirator In The Destruction Of Kavanaugh' | The Daily Caller
'You got caught': NBC News' Kate Snow, who interviewed Julie Swetnick, adds some 'important context' – twitchy.com
NBC News raises eyebrows by sitting on info that contradicted Michael Avenatti client's gang rape claim | Fox News
There are no police reports or other accounts of the alleged gang rapes, and Swetnick has produced no concrete evidence or witnesses to corroborate her ...
Trump mocks Christine Blasey Ford testimony at Mississippi rally | TheHill
Photo by David McNew/Getty Images
President Donald Trump (R) puts his hand on Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh's shoulder during his ceremonial swearing in in the East Room of ...
a man and a woman looking at her cell phone: Image: Chuck Grassley
Kate Snow links
New Witness Comes Forward Claiming She Saw Brett Kavanaugh Spike Drinks During Parties
High school: Julie Swetnick in 1979. She graduated in 1980 and was in college
Dumpster Fire: NBC Reporter Thinks This Explanation Will Resolve Why They Sat on Account That Gutted Kavanaugh Accuser's Claim
High school friend of Kavanaugh reacts to new allegation; Alan Dershowitz on Kavanaugh chaos | Fox News
click to watch video
Swetnik said that Kavanaugh was present at a party where 'a "gang" or
Michael Lohan's fiancée Kate Major was 'rushed from a Florida rehab facility to
Trump: Democrats Have Moved So Far Left, 'Pocahontas' Elizabeth Warren Is Considered Conservative | Video | RealClearPolitics
WATCH: Kavanaugh Accuser Julie Swetnick Backtracks on Some Claims in Extensive NBC News Interview
Meetings with Senators
Charles Ludington, a Yale classmate of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, claims Kavanaugh was
Two of the allegations against Kavanaugh - those made by Christine Blasey Ford and Julie Swetnick
Jeff Flake spoke Monday at the Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit on Monday, in front of a photo of him being confronted in an elevator Friday at the Capitol in ...
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FBI Hasn't Interviewed Ford Despite Her Eagerness to Talk, Her Lawyers Say
NBC faces scrutiny for interview with Kavanaugh accuser - SFChronicle.com
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Boofed is the new Borked: Democrats lay a perjury trap for Brett Kavanaugh Salacious terms in a high school yearbook could end up sinking Brett Kavanaugh.
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